Border Masters Half Marathon



As in the case of the Masters Marathon, this is one of the very few events which caters solely for runners in the 35-plus age group.

The original course (Macleantown Road – Bonza Bay) is now the last half of the Masters Marathon route.  When the half marathon was first mooted, the thinking was that the route would be out-and-back from the Bonza Bay Hotel.  When measuring the course it soon became evident that there would be a gradual but significant climb to half way so the idea was promptly scrapped in favour of a point-to-point route.  


In 1985 the route was changed, the new route starting at Fort Jackson and proceeding along the N2 to the Amalinda Stadium. 


1986 brought another route change;  this time along Marine Drive, then through West Bank and finishing at the Buffalo Club.  However, a clash with motor races in 1992 meant yet another readjustment to the course as the Grand Prix track on Marine Drive had to be by-passed.   The start was thus moved to the Mount Coke Road and the course was re-routed past the airport and down Settler’s Way.